Own The Room: The 3 Pillars of Parisian Attitude

A primer in appearing chic, confident, and carefree à la Parisienne, courtesy of Lancôme’s new hydrating lipstick Mademoiselle Shine.

So much has been said about what makes Parisiennes, well, Parisian. Most of the usual answers have to do with a particular hairstyle, the way she ties her scarf, the exact cut of leather jacket she wears—as if all Parisians could be summed up in a single, imaginary woman’s style.

Sure, just like any other global fashion capital, Paris has its own aesthetic trends and preferences (you’re less likely to see blue hair or Doc Martens-style boots here than in say, London, for example). But if Parisians as a whole appear to exude more intrigue or charm than your average global city-dweller, it boils down to one thing: their attitude.

That precise attitude is what Lancôme has aimed to capture in L'Absolu Mademoiselle Shine — a new high-shine moisturizing lip color line that provides the lipstick with the comfortable, hydrating texture of a lip balm.

Each one of the 26 lipstick shades can be mixed and matched with new Blush Subtil to create a playful, French-inspired makeup look. But, before you pick a lipstick color, get yourself into a more Parisian state of mind:

How To Be A Parisian: Playfulness

It could be as simple as an exchange of witty remarks with the waiter, or a certain way the salesperson holds your gaze as he hands you your receipt. Playfulness (some call it flirtation) pervades French life. Not necessarily to romantic ends, but simply as a way of countering everyday drudgery with a little lightheartedness.

Often, that sense of play translates to Parisian appearances as well: think a pair of whimsical socks peeking out from under a slick business suit, or a pop lip color in the darkest days of winter. Mademoiselle Shine Lipstick in 368 Mademoiselle Smiles works a charm on light to medium skin tones, while olive to dark complexions should try a lipstick shade like the 157 Mademoiselle Stands Out.

How To Be A Parisian: Pleasure

In France, sensory pleasure is always a virtue — and often a priority. From looking at art, to relaxing in the bath, to chatting poetry about wine for 15-minutes at a time, Parisians believe that living life via the senses helps you savor it better. In doing so, you’re likely to feel more at ease, more at home in your body, and thus, more confident.

(Bonus points for indulging in the kind of pleasure that makes your cheeks flush — though, if that’s too much, try dusting the shimmering peach, universally-flattering, 128 Blushing Trésor Blush Subtil as the next best Lancôme alternative.)

How To Be A Parisian: Contrast

Remember: contrast creates interest.

In style, embrace the art of juxtaposition: dress in bright colors when you’re feeling down; in high-low when you're out for cocktails.

In love, be shy in person but ablaze with passion via text.

Inconsistent, irreverent, insouciant.

That’s the Parisienne at her best.

Shine on, Mademoiselle!

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